About Checkmark

About Checkmark and why it was formed.

About Checkmark
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Checkmark was founded by me, Justin Macklin, in the summer of 2023. In many ways Checkmark is a passion project because:

  • I’m really enthused by how heat pumps can contribute to lower energy usage, lower bills and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • As a long-time DIYer, I know that the keen DIY community are capable of installing to a high standard, because they aren’t as time pressured as professional installers, and understand and care about their homes.

I also care about our planet and am very aware of the risks that refrigeration gases present. I believe the UK F-gas laws are appropriate and fully support them. That’s why I became Category 1 F-gas qualified Opens in a new window to carry our all activities in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) systems.

The company

Checkmark is my ‘have cake and eat it’ solution for DIYers looking to install a heat-pump or air-conditioner: it allows keen and competent DIYers to do the majority of the preparation and have a professional, qualified F-gas engineer do the connecting, testing, commissioning, and certifying of the system. Checkmark aims to do that in an open, transparent way at a fixed cost that is much lower than a traditional install.

I hope that this approach helps with the uptake of heat pumps (and air-conditioning units used as heat pumps for heating) by making them more affordable and less disruptive to install, while enabling and encouraging safe and legal practice. My aim is to help people access heating that has less impact on both the environment and their wallet.

Checkmark is based in Bromley, Kent and offers a range of related services to London and the South East. It’s worth getting in touch if you’re located outside this area too.

Checkmark is a registered F-gas company Opens in a new window.

Staff have an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service - adult worksforce) certification. Please enquire if you want to check this online.

The website

This website has two purposes:

  • To promote Checkmark’s services
  • To provide a resource for anyone planning to install their own air-source heat pump / air-conditioner.

Feedback and suggestions are welcomed. To help prevent spam I don’t publish an email address here, so please use the contact page.

Company information

Details about Checkmark Ltd.’s company registration and F-gas certification.

Privacy notice

This page provides detail on how Checkmark Ltd uses and cares for your personal data.