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Checkmark Connecting, testing, commissioning and certifying service

Checkmark helps you, as a competent ‘DIY-er’, to achieve a safe, legal and responsible install of an air source heat pump or air conditioner in your home, garden office, workshop or elsewhere.

We do this by connecting, testing, commissioning and certifying a system you have prepared.

This approach helps you:

  • Stay legal, because Checkmark carries out all regulated F-gas work.
  • Avoid buying specialist equipment.
  • Ensure the system is pressure and leak tested.
  • Save money compared to a complete system installed by a company.
  • As a proud DIYer, achieve the quality of work you demand.

Before you book Checkmark

When you’re ready, please get in touch using the booking page. We can then arrange a free, no obligation chat - we find a WhatsApp or FaceTime video call works well.

Process for DIY install with Checkmark

An overview flowchart of the DIY air source heat pump / air conditioner install process.

What we do

Details about Checkmark’s connecting, testing, commissioning and certifying package for DIY installs.


A checklist of things to consider before going ahead with a DIY install.

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