Heat pumps with up to A+++ energy rating

FläktGroup announces high efficiency heat pumps with an energy class of up to A+++ and a SCOP of up to 4.76.
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Swedish company FläktGroup Opens in a new window has announced a new heat pump range which has a SCOP of up to 4.76. That’s incredibly efficient - 4.76kW of heat for 1kW of electricity.

FläktGroup’s FGAH-AH models Opens in a new window are reversible air-to-water heat pumps in sizes ranging from 15 to 41 kW heating (14-36kW cooling). These water-based air-conditioning systems don’t sit in Checkmark’s core customer market, but we think the efficiency being achieved by these new R32 refrigerant systems is a really interesting development.

SCOP, is the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance. It measures the true energy efficiency of heating and cooling over an entire year. It’s a useful measure that gives an indication of typical day-to-day energy use throughout the seasons.