DIY with Checkmark

How Checkmark can help with your DIY led heat pump or air conditioner install.

Checkmark fully supports, and works in accordance with the UK F-gas regulations and guidance Opens in a new window. Checkmark’s core service is to facilitate DIY installs of mini-split air source heat pumps and air conditioners by:

  • Connecting the system prepared by a DIYer. See ‘installation’ in the Working with F-gas page.
  • Testing the system for leaks - an activity that is regulated by law.
  • Commissioning the system, releasing the refrigerant - an activity that is regulated.
  • Certifying and completing required documentation.

As well as meeting the legal requirements, the service saves the DIY installer having to purchase or hire specialist equipment including:

  • Pipe flaring tools
  • Oxygen free nitrogen and pressure test equipment
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Gauges and measuring equipment
  • Any additional refrigerant, scales, hoses

More details are on the ‘What we do’ page in the Booking section.

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