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Checkmark’s air conditioner system size calculator.

This is Checkmark’s size calculator to help assess the size of mini-split air conditioner required.

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In general, practical minimums of around 7000 BTUs (2 kW) apply to small rooms (40 m3) and 10000 BTUs (3 kW) for medium rooms (52m3).

Note that most mini-splits are more efficient at heating than cooling.

About this calculator

Checkmark’s calculator is based on common metrics:

  • 180 BTUs / m3 per hour
  • 356 BTUs per person per hour
  • 500 BTUs per PC, TV
  • Insulation applies a factor of plus or minus 20% for ‘poor’ and ‘good’.
  • Heat sources reduce the load for heating and increase it for cooling.

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Disclaimer: Calculators don't replace the need to have an assessment by an experienced air conditioning or heat pump professional.

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