DIY capability

The DIY skills and equipment required to do a heat pump or air conditioner install.
DIY capability;

Skills required

  • General practical skills
    - Measuring, fixing and a good understanding of how to ‘fit things together’.
  • Able to fix things to walls
    - Including the ability to assess the material and structural implications.
    - Able to assess and avoid existing pipework and cables.
    - Indoor units way only a few kilos, outdoor units are tens of kilos.
  • Able to create a large (around 70mm) hole in your wall
    - Line and make good around it.
  • Basic plumbing
    - Able to cut and bend copper pipe up to 15mm without kinking.
    - Using bending springs or tube benders.
  • Basic knowledge of electrics
    - Able to route and connect electrical cable.
    - If necessary, arranging an electrician to install a spur to the consumer unit (fuse-box).

Equipment required

  • Heavy duty drill (percussion/hammer for masonry) and bits for creating the hole in the wall.
  • Standard drill and bits.
  • Screwdrivers, pliers, spirit level, tape measure, pencil and general DIY tools.
  • Wall plugs, including heavy duty fixings if wall-mounting outdoor unit.

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