Outside unit

Mounting the outside unit of an air conditioner or air source heat pump.
Mounting the outdoor unit

Ensure the positioning and noise and neighbour requirements are met before mounting the unit.

Wall mounting

Wall bracket
  • Avoid cheap wall brackets. Higher quality ones are more robust, adjustable and much easier to work with. Any built-in spirit levels are rarely accurate!
  • Check and double check that the horizontal arms are level in both directions, both before and after the outdoor unit is mounted. This will help reduce vibration and increase longevity of the unit.
  • To ensure good airflow, ensure the spacing around the unit meets the requirements in the installation instructions.

Floor mounting

Floor mounts
  • You need a flat stable surface for the unit: a patio, decking, paving, a poured concrete plinth etc.
  • A variety of mounting blocks, frames and other solutions are available to sit the unit off the floor, away from standing water and damp. Prices vary dramatically - be sure to shop around!


  • A condensate drain pipe connects to the bottom of the outside unit. See condensate installation.
  • Cages or covers are available to disguise units and protect them from the worst of the weather. If fitted, it’s important that they don’t impede airflow.

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